Amador County Bail Bond

Golden State Bail Bonds of Amador County, California

While Amador County California may be one of California’s smallest counties, tourists visit there frequently to visit some of the vineyards. Amador’s cities; Amador City, Ione, Jackson, Plymouth, Sutter Creek, Drytown, Fiddletown, Martell, Pine Grove, Pioneer and Volcano see many out-of-state vehicle tags. With a population of just a little more than 38,000, many of those taken to the Amador County Jail may be from out of state and need an Amador County bail bondsman.

Whether you live just down the road from the Amador County Jail, which is located at 70 Court Street in Jackson, or you were visiting friends, or you were simply driving through Amador County, if you are locked up for any reason, you don’t want to stay behind bars for too long. Golden State Bail Bonds has a reputation for giving fast, prompt and courteous service whenever an Amador County bail bondsman is needed. We handle all type of bonds including:

  • Surety bonds
  • Immigration bonds
  • Criminal bonds
  • Traffic bonds
  • Civil bonds

If you have never been in jail, you are probably confused about the bail bond process. We make it easy to get yourself or your loved one out of the Amador County Jail. Here’s what happens when you call Golden State Bail Bonds:

  1. A friendly Golden State Bail Bonds representative will take your information over the telephone. You may not know what the charges are or how much the bond is. Some charges, such as murder, and some assault charges will not have a bond. You or your loved one may have to stay in jail for a few hours and then appear before a judge before a bond in Amador County can be set. A Golden State Bail Bonds representative can even be in court for the bond hearing.
  2. If you need help getting a bail bond in Amador County from an out of state or out of town relative, no problem! Our bail bond forms can be downloaded, emailed of faxed. Your friend or relative can pay your Amador County bail without ever having to leave their home.
  3. Often, someone is arrested and their car is impounded or maybe they weren’t driving a car at the time of the arrest. That presents a big problem after the Amador County bail bond is paid. It is no problem for Golden State Bail Bonds. In most cases, we can pick you up after your bail is paid.

If you are still unsure of our reputation, Golden State Bail Bonds is a member of the California Bail Agents Association and Professional Bail Agents of the United States. Call Golden State Bail Bonds for prompt, professional service when you or someone you know is behind bars.