Colusa County Bail Bonds

Golden State Bail Bonds of Colusa County, California

Any parent, husband, wife, cousin or friend can get that call from the Colusa County Jail at any time or night, “I was arrested and I need a Colusa County bail bondsman.” The voice on the other line is probably upset, frantic and even scared about the possibility of having to spend a few hours or maybe a few days behind bars.

The Colusa County Jail is located at 928 Bridge Street and it house those arrested in Arbuckle, Colusa, Williams, Maxwell or Princeton. The jail, built in 1962, houses an average of 92 inmates every day.

Even though many families have relatives who have been arrested, you may not know exactly what bond or bail is, how to post it and what it means for you. Golden State Bail Bonds takes the guess work out of posting a Colusa County bail bond. We have worked with attorneys, judges and law enforcement in Colusa County and we can help you.

The first call you should make is to the Golden State Bail Bonds at (888) 665-2457. All you need to let us know is the name of the person you need to get out of the Colusa County Jail. We will call the jail and find out the amount of the Colusa County bail bond. Golden State Bail Bonds can handle any type of bonds from traffic, surety bonds, civil or criminal bonds.

  • We will call you back and tell you how much the Colusa County bail bond is. Don’t panic if you think the bond amount is more than you can pay. You will pay the Colusa County bail bondsman only a percentage of the bond based on the charge and other factors.
  • If don’t want to come to the jail, a Golden State Bail Bonds will send an agent to the Colusa County Jail. You will need to either email or fax a form back to us. You will need to arrange to pay the Colusa County bail bond by phone or online.
  • At Golden State Bail Bonds, we treat our clients with the same care and compassion we would give to our own families. Sometimes the bail process is lengthy and we are willing to wait for your friend or loved one to get out of jail. In most cases, we offer a free ride home after the Colusa County bail bond is posted.

Trusting someone, particularly someone you have never met, is difficult. At Golden State Bail Bonds, we maintain the highest levels of professionalism through our memberships with the California Bail Agents Association and the Professional Bail Agents of the United States. Attorneys often call us when their clients need a Colusa County bail bond. Our licensed bail agents will give you the same professional service.