Lassen County Bail Bonds

Golden State Bail Bonds of County, California

With a population of just under 40,000, the Lassen County area has a small town feel that belies the “California” image of “life in the fast lane.” If you are passing through Lassen County (or one its communities that include Bieber, Doyle, Herlong, Janesville, Litchfield, Madeline, Milford, Nubieber, Ravendale, Standish, Susanville, Termo, Wendel and Westwood), or taking advantage of the area’s scenic beauty and happen to get arrested, you may worry about where you will find a Lassen County bail bondsman.

Golden State Bail Bonds is a licensed bail bond agent in Lassen County. We are familiar with the area and are ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you or someone you know is arrested in Lassen County, we should be the first people you call at (888) 665-2457. We handle all types of Lassen County bonds including surety, immigration, criminal and traffic bonds.

Even though an arrest is stressful, we can ease the strain of the situation. Here’s a step-by step guide:

  • An inmate must go through the booking process (fingerprinting, photos, records check) even if the charge is a minor traffic infraction before a Lassen County bail bond can be set. The booking process at the Lassen County Jail up to several hours, depending on how busy the jail is. Often, bail cannot be set immediately and there must be an appearance before a judge. That will likely happen within 48 hours.
  • Once you call us, we immediately contact the Lassen County Jail, which is located at 1405 Sheriff Cady Lane in Susanville. If you want, we can meet you there, or we can help a friend or relative pay your Lassen County bail bond from the comfort of their home. Our forms are available our website or a Golden State Bail Bonds representative will fax them. We accept payment online or on the telephone.
  • More than likely, once someone is arrested in Lassen County, their car is left at the place where they were arrested or in some extreme cases, the car is impounded. In most cases, a Golden State Bail Bondsman can offer a free ride home.

Golden State Bail Bonds’ agents have worked with all types of clients who have been arrested for a variety of charges. We have helped some Lassen County attorneys when their clients needed a bail agent in Lassen County. We are sensitive to circumstances surrounding any arrest and we will be discreet and compassionate.