Tehama County Bail Bonds

Golden State Bail Bonds of Tehama County, California

It doesn’t matter if you were arrested at 1 a.m. or 1 p.m. in Tehama County, Golden State Bail Bonds is there to help you with a Tehama County bail bond.

If you are not familiar with the bail process, here is a quick overview:

  • We contact the Tehama County Jail to get all the information needed for you to make bond. We relay this information to you or to who will be paying the Tehama County bail bond for you. While bonds on some charges are preset, many times an inmate will have to make an appearance before a Tehama County judge. Your licensed Tehama County bail bondsman can attend the court hearing with you.
  • If you are arrested on a Friday or Saturday night, you may have to wait several hours before being booked and bonded out of the Tehama County Jail. Those nights are traditionally busier than others.
  • Bail is typically ten percent of the total bond amount. If you don’t have the cash, Golden State Bail Bonds accepts all major credit cards. If you need help from a friend or relative to pay your Tehama County bail bond, we can send them the forms by fax or the forms are available to be downloaded online. We can even take payment for the Tehama County bail bond on the telephone.
  • Once you are released from the Tehama County Jail, your Golden State Bail Bonds representative is waiting for you. In most cases, your bail bondsman can even offer you a free ride home or a ride back to your car. We tell you when you must appear in a Tehama County courtroom-an appearance you must make or you could be arrested again.

The Tehama County Main Jail is located at 502 Oak Street (corner of Oak & Madison) in Red Bluff, California and can hold up to 227 inmates. It houses inmates arrested in the cities and towns of:

  • Capay
  • Corning
  • Gerber-Las Flores
  • Kirkwood
  • Lake California
  • Los Molinos
  • Manton
  • Mill Creek
  • Mineral
  • Paskenta
  • Rancho Tehama Reserve
  • Red Bluff (the county seat)
  • Tehama
  • Vina

Golden State Bail Bonds has earned the trust of many Tehama County defense attorneys who have called on us to help them bond their clients out of jail. We offer that same trust and professional service to anyone who calls us at (888) 665-2457.